Dear Ladies and Gentlemans,

Over the years, our company had become a stronger and more visible presence in the market of tarpaulin related works and other accessories for trucks, tents and other lightweight structures as well. Since 2006 we are at your disposal, and we believe that every obstacle of yours has a solution.

What makes us so special?

Diversity of products, the used materials guaranteed quality, the level of competence of our team, our perfection, all in the best possible lowest market price. Our warranty; we undertake the maintenance work for our, as well for those made by other companies. Our professionals strive to put into practice the ideas and the requirements that You set before for them. At the same time for us, as manufacturers, the main priority is at competitive price, as well as flexible work. In addition, we would demonstrate the level of progressivity, which allows our clients to be not only grateful in the end, but also achieve the recognition of the professionals: the following link will open our diploma on 1st place in Top small companies of Romania in 2016.


Because we want to provide the best quality, we are: Using the most up-to-date materials and accessories Accurate and attentive Professionals in the field of our jobs Very attentive, comprehensive on work and revision


Taking into account the needs of the customer, the company contact information, their worktime, we try to optimize because we want to minimize the execution time.


Because we want to be the best: At training our workers about the latest technics supervise the work with professionals at quality test of our official importers We offer a full range of service and all of them are quality to win your loyalty